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The most common challenges facing pet licensing

Overall, pet licensing laws are very difficult to regulate and enforce. Municipalities should make the process easy, convenient and user friendly so owners are encouraged and compelled to license their pets. With the rapid and steady increase in the pet population, municipalities should act fast to improve the licensing process and educate their residents.

Lack Of Information

Lack of information

Many pet owners don't know about the importance of licensing pets.

Time Consuming Process

Time consuming process

Most municipalities still use paper forms requiring the pet owner to do the process manually.



Many pet owners do not see value in licensing pets.

Lack of Collaboration

Lack of collaboration

Municipalities usually rely on local veterinarians and shelters to inform them about new pet owners.

The Solution:

The Next Pet Licensing System

It is patented technology that allows municipalities to manage pet license applications. The Next provides a complete pet licensing solution, including the management and processing of new licenses, renewals and transfers. The Next optimizes and improves executional efficiency offering convenience and value for both, pet owners and municipalities.

How does it

A City representative accesses a dedicated web portal on to review license applications submitted by pet owners through the responsive webpage or mobile app. The information can also be entered manually in case a pet owner prefers to visit the city's administrative office.

In addition, the Next allows veterinarians, shelters and other pet related service providers to electronically inform the municipality about a new owner or indicate when a pet owner does not have a license. Municipalities can send electronic messages such as emails and in app messages (push notifications) to inform pet owners about licensing regulations and guidelines. The Next allows municipalities to send reminders to renew pet licenses and alerts such as vaccination information, updates on the municipality's pet regulations, information about a new dog park, etc.

Use to increase control over the pet population in your municipality today!

We are the only company worldwide able to provide a mobile application as a pet licensing solution for your town/city. Bring GoPetie and the Next to your community to increase pet license compliance and constituents' engagement.

Pets Licensed by GoPetie

Why choose GoPetie?

  • It is FREE to download the GoPetie app and it is available on Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Faster: Users can register in less than one minute using their Facebook accounts.
  • Simple and easy for both dog owners and municipalities.
  • Flexibility: No computers or papers are needed so pet owners can license their pets at any time.
  • More revenue: More licenses issued means more fees collected.
  • Higher control: Increased control over pet ownership means more information can be gathered to create social programs to address pet related issues.
  • Public safety: Pets are cute but they might spread diseases. License forms require pet owners to be up to date with vaccinations.

Are you ready to take control of the pet population and increase pet licensing revenue in your city/town?