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Find, connect, and meet other pet owners near you to expand your network.

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Find, create and schedule pet playdates at local parks, stores or wherever you like!

Meet and connect with pets and owners like you, near you. GoPetie makes it easy to connect with other local pet owners, schedule playdates, discover events, report and locate lost pets, ask for advice and find exclusive deals.


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  • Find Friends For Your Pet

    Search for pets and pet owners near you and make new friends.

  • Stay connected

    Share photos and updates about your pet with other owners.

  • Meet-Up With Pets Near You

    Find and create pet playdates in your area with other local pet owners.

  • Report a missing pet
  • Offers & Events

    Discover exclusive offers and events for you and your pet to enjoy.

We love using GoPetie!

"In the past we would pay $45 a day for day care for our dog and now we can find other pet owners who can watch our dog for FREE, and we can return the favor. It’s so easy. We met a wonderful couple who have two dogs, two golden retrievers. They watched Roxie for us while we were gone for a short vacation. We became friends and now we hang out and still use GoPetie to schedule play dates and request pet sitting and walking."

Rachel and Dominic from Southborough, MA – owners of Roxie (the dog) and Ranger (the cat)

Buddy found his friend on GoPetie

"I work all day and sometimes get home really late. Buddy stays home alone and I felt that he was a little depressed. I tried to play and pet him as much as I could but I was often tired and with little time during the week. My friend told me to use GoPetie and I registered Buddy. A few days later I was able to find Sasha and her owner Emily, who also has a maltese. They became best friends and meet three times a week for play dates."

Holly and Buddy from Auburn MA – owner of Buddy"

I downloaded the GoPetie app to help my cat

"Cookie was lazy, eating more than usual and being aggressive. I was worried and did not want to take him to the veterinarian right away. I looked at some websites and blogs but did not know what was going on. I found Rosemary, who also has a cat called Tiger and went through a similar problem. We connected and started to exchange experiences. After a few weeks I learned that Cookie was annoyed because of my new cleaning lady. So I called and asked for another person. Cookie changed completely. He is more calm, active and has lost some weight. Rosemary and I still connect on GoPetie and meet sometimes for coffee."

Kate Kish form Auburn MA – owner of Molly

Found Boris!

"One of the most important features to me is the Report Missing Pet because it helped me to find my dog Boris. One day, I came home and did not find Boris. I was desperate and looked everywhere. I remembered that GoPetie has a feature to report a missing pet, so I sent an alert to everyone near my location. I started receiving several messages asking more details about Boris. Katey sent me a message that she saw a photo of a dog similar to Boris on a Facebook page for missing pets. I found out that Boris was rescued by someone in the neighborhood. I was so happy when saw Boris. I found him a few hours after reporting on GoPetie. "

Miguel Mendes – owner of Boris

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