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The most common challenges facing pet licensing

Pet licensing is a chronically overlooked facet of local government. Cities and towns license only 40 percent of the pets in their community, spend time and money on antiquated systems and miss out on revenue from fees. Additionally sharing data within the government is difficult and that lack of collaboration has a detrimental effect on animal control and law enforcement.

Lack Of Information

Lack of information

Many pet owners don't know about the importance of licensing pets.

Time Consuming Process

Time consuming process

Most municipalities still use paper forms requiring the pet owner to do the process manually.


High payment fees

Municipalities use payment system that charge high fees from pet owners.

Lack of Collaboration

Lack of collaboration

Municipalities struggle to share information between departments to better serve the pet community.

The Solution:

The Next Pet Licensing System

NEXT Pet Licensing System is the next generation in pet licensing software and it can be customized based on each municipality's needs. NEXT is the best in class pet licensing solution that has all the important features that you may be getting from your current program, but is better, easier to use, and offers exclusive benefits to pet owners.

How does it

A City representative accesses a dedicated web portal on to review license applications submitted by pet owners through the responsive webpage or mobile app. The information can also be entered manually in case a pet owner prefers to visit the city's administrative office.

In addition, the Next allows veterinarians, shelters and other pet related service providers to electronically inform the municipality about a new owner or indicate when a pet owner does not have a license. Municipalities can send electronic messages such as emails and in app messages (push notifications) to inform pet owners about licensing regulations and guidelines. The NEXT system allows municipalities to send reminders to renew pet licenses and alerts such as vaccination information, updates on the municipality's pet regulations, information about a new dog park and more.

NEXT is the first and only pet licensing system to utilize mobile technology.

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Why choose Next?

  • The first pet management system to utilize mobile technology.
  • Completely private and secure data collection, management and storage.
  • Dedicated software to enhance and simplify data collection and reporting.
  • Simple customization based on each location's unique needs and policies.
  • Easy license management with one-click electronic reminder and renewal notices.
  • Allows animal control, law enforcement, town officials, shelters and vets comprehensive information about the pet population.

Are you ready to take control of the pet population and increase pet licensing revenue in your city/town?